remodeling in Kansas City

Let’s face it. Getting your home remodeled in Kansas City can be a stressful experience. There are lots of decisions to be made – and the most important one is the company you select to do your project.
You’ve probably heard some home improvement horror stories:
Contractors who disappear for days at a time without explanation (and don’t adhere to promised timelines).
Remodelers who think doing a quality job is permission to charge outrageous prices.
Companies who treat a quote as a starting point – and not an iron-clad commitment to never charge a penny more.
No. NO. NO. That’s the wrong way to do home improvement.
Kc Renovations is different. We believe in straightforward, transparent dealings always – from first contact to final walkthrough. No exceptions. Do the guys who use high-pressure sales tactics and shoddy practices occasionally win some sales? Yes. But we have good reason to believe our way is the better way.
Here’s why:

1. We’ve been delivering best quality remodeling and home improvements since 1990. The fly-by-night companies come and go. We are built to last – not for the quick buck.

2. Customers in Kansas City love us. Want proof? Go online and try to find a negative review. You won’t find one. What you’ll find is lots of thrilled customers. You can also read our comment cards, published unedited right here on our website. For more on our online and in-house reviews, please click check our website.

3. We’re fanatical about sticking to our pricing promises. If you get a quote from us, it is iron-clad. We outline the scope of the project and give you a price. As long as you do not request additional work outside the agreed upon scope, you will not pay a cent more. (And if you do want to expand the project, we will happily provide an updated quote for you to make a decision on).

4. Kc Renovations does more than stick to our quote – we also insist that our pricing be reasonable – although probably not the cheapest. If you do hear a cheaper estimate, be sure to do an apples-to-apples comparison on the products that will be installed, the experience of the crew that will work at your home, and the proof that the company has earned a reputation for completing high quality projects. We deliver premium results at honest pricing. Every. Single. Project.

5. We still believe in what used to be called “old-world craftsmanship.” Our installers believe a job must be done right the first time. Period. They have an obsessive attention to detail and they never rush through a job “just to get it done.”

Please call and always keep Kc Renovations in mind on that special remodeling job. Visit our website for other services as well.