Driveways & Sidewalk Services

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Driveways & Sidewalk Services

Replacing a crumbling driveway and cracked sidewalks on your property will do a lot for the appearance and the value of your home, as well as protect you from liability should someone fall because of unsafe conditions. You’ve got several attractive options for your new driveway and sidewalk too. Even concrete offers exciting options rather than the old standby finished look.

Material Options and Costs

Concrete is always an option for driveways and sidewalks. Standard finishing is still very popular, but a range of new techniques is giving concrete fresh and interesting looks. For example, the concrete can be tinted to produce almost any color you want. Now your driveway and walkways can match your home or provide a nice contrasting look. Stamping concrete will give it the look of paver stones or bricks. This technique is used as the concrete is curing, though after it has stiffened up a bit.

Concrete staining uses acid to stain the surface. Patterns may be used that produce a brick appearance, or a technique can be employed that stains the entire surface to give it an appearance similar to granite. While this technique is often used indoors, it can also be a great outside remodeling project and make for a unique driveway or walkway too.

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