Flooding Basements



There are many options in dealing with wet basements. It does not always cost tens of thousands of dollars regardless of water the TV boy’s say.1st figure out the source of the water.

If you have a wet basements call us for a free inspection and or advice. We will be able to tell you most of the time whether the source of water is an easy one to stem—it can be as simple as gutters and downspouts not doing their jobs, or you need dirt grading or possibility EMD rubber around the exterior, or whether it’s more serious.

In many cases, a sump pit with at least two pumps (primary and backup) is the answer. The sump pit should be installed in the lowest part of the room perimeter and set-up to discharge water outside in the most efficient manner. Many finished basements build a closet around the sump pit. Regardless of how you conceal it, be sure to allow for easy access.

Groundwater isn’t the only source of dampness and moisture in a basement. Plumbing leaks and condensation are two other common sources. We can also recommend a self-draining, high-capacity dehumidifier to further remedy moisture issues.

We have gone in and completed many jobs on wet basements for thousands less that the companies that charge 10-20 thousand or more. You have more options than you might know to do inexpensively.

Call Kc Renovations for the best option!

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